How to Hack PUBG Mobile | PUBG Mobile Hack 2019

Guys What goes around nowadays when a group of people is sitting together with their mobiles?? Yes, you guessed it right, it’s PUBG. PUBG is an open world game where 100 people are left on an island and the last survived person will win the match.

Now here the person with best Ammo and Guns will win the match right. But what if I say you can also win matches by performing a hack in the game. Using these Hacks you can get unlimited PUBG keys, BP’s, UC’s as well and also you can perform in-game hacks to win the game. So, why wasting time, let’s jump into the procedure.

Before getting into the procedure most of you think why playing a game with hacks. Now, many of us are real gamers and can play without hacks too but it’s up to you that whether you use the hack for just fun purposes or serious gaming. Though you are a real gamer, you can try the hack for onetime to just see how things works?in hacking. So, if you wanna try just continue reading the post. We also have other posts on PUBG guides and PUBG emulator, PUBG mobile on our website. So, make sure that you also check them too.

Disclaimer: Using this kind of hacks will lead to a ban on your account. So, we recommend not use this hacks for regular gaming and also we recommend you to follow the PUBG hack Guide properly to avoid the ban on your account. We recommend you to try this on a guest account to be on the safer side. Finally, We are not responsible for any damage to your account and we are sharing this PUBG hack Guide only for educational purposes.

So, Finally we have cleared everything and we can actually start the PUBG Hack Guide, PUBG cheat Guide or whatever you call.

How to Hack PUBG Mobile Android

  1. First of all, download the given apps and files from the link mentioned below.

Strange VPN

GameGuardian apk

PUBG hack Script

  1. Now after you download all the files
  2. First, install Gameguardianapk
  3. Now install Strange VPN
  4. After installing Game Guardian and Strange VPN, you have to extract the PUBG hack script
  5. You can use any app for extracting the PUBG hack script from the zip file, But I recommend Zarchiever for easy process
  6. Go and install Zarhiver from this link.
  7. The above link takes you to the Zarchiverplaystorepage, click on install and then Zarchiver will be installed
  8. Now open Zarchiver, go to downloads and extract the PUBG hack file
  9. After extracting you will get a file named PUBg hacking Script.lua

Now, You are ready to go with the PUBG cheats and PUBG hacks or whatever you just name it.

PROCEDURE For Coloured Skin:

  • Open Gameguardian and allow the permission and close it, then you can see a Gameguardian icon popping on screen

PUBG Hacks

  • Now Open Strange VPN and tap on connecting to Establish a VPN Connection
  • This VPN connection makes your account unnoticeable to the PUBG officials and You can freely use the PUBG hack.
  • Now Open PUBG and while its loading clicks on Gameguardian icon, then a window will come like this and you have to select the first option.


  • After this process, select the play option on the left side of the game guardian window.


  • After clicking on the play icon, a window will appear and you have to select the PUBG hack script, which we have downloaded and extracted earlierAfter clicking on play icon you will get a window and then you have to click on the 3 dots to browse PUBG hacking script.
PUBG emulator hack

PUBG emulator hack

  • Then go to the location of the PUBG hack script and select the PUBG hack script and then click on execute, your PUBG mobile Hack script will be executed.
  • After successful execution of your PUBG mobile hack Script, you will get a window like this showing the features of The PUBG hack script.
PUBG mobile cheats android

PUBG mobile cheats android

  • Then click on Wallhack&Colour option to change your body color.
  • After clicking on wallhack and Body color option, you will get a window like this
pubg mobile hack apk

PUBG mobile hack apk

  • Scroll down until you find the Colour of your choice, then select your color and click on OK
  • That’s it after clicking on ok, the script will execute in 2 seconds of time and then your body will be turned to the color you have chosen.
  • Not only this Hack there are multiple Hacks available on the PUBG hack Script
  • You can Hit from Walls in PUBG, you can control the Recoil of PUBG guns and you can control the speed of PUBG vehicles too.
  • Isn’t that cool, go and explore all the options yourself and enjoy the PUBG hack.


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