Best Apps to Save Snapchat Videos on Android & iOS

Best Apps to Save Snapchat Videos on Android & iOS

Save Snapchat Videos: Snapchat is the most popular social media messaging app among teenagers. It is a wonderful application which produces messages disappear after seeing them. Snapchat allows you to send a photo, video or text. The messages will expire after a very less time or after the recipient has seen it. However, If you want to save Snapchat photos, videos, and stories on your smartphone. there are some apps available both on Android and iOS that save the Snapchat pictures, videos and stories.

Best Apps to Save Snapchat Videos on Android & iOS
Best Apps to Save Snapchat Videos on Android & iOS

Best Apps to Save Snapchat Videos on Android & iOS

  1. Snapchat Saver: This app is available for Android user only. Snapchat has a huge number of people uses from the Android platform. Snapchat Saver is the most popular Android app to save videos on Snapchat. This application enables you to save both video and photo shoots. As well as you can also save photo stories and video stories. So using this app you can easily save Snapchat videos on your android smartphone.
  2. SnapBox: SnapBox is the best iOS app to download Snapchat photos and videos. You can save Snapchat photos and videos on your smartphone permanently. Whenever you receive a snap, open SnapBox app on your mobile and log in with your Snapchat username and password and save Snapchat photos and videos.
  3. SnapSave: Snapsave is the only app available for both Android and iOS devices. This app totally replaces the Snapchat application because you can save photos and videos and also send snaps directly through the SnapSave app. Unfortunately, SnapSave app removed from the play store but it is available on Apple app store.
  4. SnapCrack: In this SnapCrack app has some advanced features and there is a paid version of SnapCrack also available. Using this app you can save Snapchat photos and videos as well as you can also send snaps from your gallery. You don’t face any problem while using this SnapCrack application on your device.
  5. SaveMySnaps: SaveMySnap app is available for Android user only. You can easily download/Save Snapchat snaps on your smartphone. Before downloading the snaps on this app don’t view the snaps on the Snapchat app. Save photos, videos, and stories without losing the quality of the snaps.
  6. SnapKeep: SnapKeep has an easy and decent to use interface, it is one of the best apps to save Snapchat photos and videos. Just simply download it on your Android or iOS smartphone. The interface is quite similar to that of Snapchat, so you won’t face any trouble using it. You can save photos and videos with one click on the Snapkeep app.


I hope you this article How to save Snapchat videos on iPhone & Android is helpful to you. If you have any issues or suggestions feel free to comment down below.

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