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Top 7 Best Windows Explorer Alternatives 2018

We are using Windows File Explorer for many years and it is providing the Best User Interface on Windows PCs or Laptops. But not every Windows users get impressed with the default apps offered by the operating system. There are many Windows Explorer Alternatives that are available to Download and Install on your PCs and Laptops for free.

Before you Download Windows File Explorer Alternative on your Desktop make sure that you are Downloading the file from a well-known publisher in order to avoid third-party applications. If you are looking for a Windows Explorer Replacement Application then follow this article completely till the end and replace Windows File Explorer with other applications.

1. XYplorer


XYplorer is one of the Best Windows Explorer Alternative used and recommended by many users. There is no much difference between Windows Explorer and XYplorer which has similar File Manager Icon. It has many features like providing the user to access multi-tasks at a time with the use of Tabbed Interface and Dual Panel Option.

It also has the option to Customize XYplorer File Manager according to user’s taste. Since it is a premium app, you need to buy it first being able to use it. But you can try it for a trial period of 30-days and if you like it then you can go for paid version to get the premium app.

2. Explorer++


Explorer++ is the Best Windows Explorer Replacement application that you can get it for free of cost. Though it doesn’t have many features when compared with other applications if you wanna change your Default File Explorer with tabbed interface then this is the best option.

3. TagSpaces


TagSpaces is another Best Alternative to Windows File Manager which comes with a different user interface. It is an open source file organizer recommended for light users to access things easily. The user can add user-defined tags to all the files and tag things like Photos, Articles and much more.

4. Directory Opus

Directory Opus

Directory Opus is a Premium Windows Explorer Alternative which is same as XYplorer and also has the same yellow colored folder icon. The features of this app include a tabbed interface that lets you keep multiple folders open while switching to another one. You can use this File Manager as FTP client to enable sharing and transfer local files to your FTP server.

5. Free Commander


Free Commander is one of the Best Alternative to Windows Explorer which is a free file manager. It also includes Dual-panel option and Tabbed interface to do more tasks at the same time. Free Commander File Manager App has the capability to handle the archive file format which doesn’t require any additional ZIP files to open like RAR and 7z.

6. fman


fman is the Best Windows Explorer Replacement which has a different type of user interface compared with others. It has the Dual-panel interface to improve your productivity and itself acts as an extensible app where you can enhance its functionalities by installing additional plugins.

7. Altap Salamander

Altap Salamander

Altap Salamander is another File Manager App available in the List of Best Windows Explorer Alternatives. It helps the user to access multi-tasking folders with the dual-panel interface and has the same yellow color folder Similar to Windows Explorer. This is a paid app which comes with a trial period of 30-days. It supports all Windows Operating Systems including Windows 7 and Windows 10.


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